Rural Innovation and Business Systems

The Rural Innovation and Business Systems (RIBS) project is a Northern Periphery Programme project lead by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scotland. The other participating partners are; Lulea University of Technology in Sweden, Micropolis in Finland, West Iceland Regional Development in Iceland and WESTBIC in Ireland.

The project will specifically help SMEs in rural regions of Scotland, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Ireland to address the effects of the economic downturn and strengthen their competitiveness and growth potential. Based on the needs analysis of the SMEs and the business support community in the target regions, RIBS will develop Business Growth Programmes (RIBS products) in four main areas:


  • SME growth
  • SME internationalisation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Rural clusters


The RIBS work programme combines leading innovation system research and knowledge coupled with the accumulated expertise of practitioners in the field of SME support. RIBS will develop these four business support products that will be tested and refined through feedback from the SMEs themselves and independent experts. The learning will be captured and disseminated through this collaborative web platform.

Public Resources

To access the public site please click on the login button below. This will allow you to explore the data collected so far, including the SME reports and each of the area profiles. There is already a wealth of data available, but this is a active resource that is updated as new information comes to light.


If you are part of the research team or project partners program then you are able to access the R.I.B.S. platform by logging in at the link below.


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